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Petrol Stations; dealing with drive off's....

The Requirement

Major retailers with petrol forecourts and the oil companies are increasingly reporting "Drive-off’s" (Bilking) – people who fill their vehicles with fuel and then leave without paying for the fuel.
Not only is this act a criminal offence and vastly effects the profitability of retailers but the police and security forces now recognise that these drive-off’s are also being carried out by more serious criminals where this act could be part of a more serious crime

The Solution


Appropriate signage is located on every pump in clear view of anyone filling their car with fuel. We utilise the same technology as their SmartPark Management System, whereby, as each vehicle approaches the forecourt entrance, the specialist Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras capture and decipher the VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark). The system provides for "one touch reporting" from the forecourt staff, simply, they only have to touch one button to capture the drive-off. Thereafter, we check all VRM's for vehicles previously known for drive off or for non-payment, the system automatically “alerts” this information according to client requirements. In addition, this can also be displayed on a monitor showing the vehicle image, VRM image and previous offence.

The key benefits of this system are:-