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Pay & Display, simple, effective, profitable....

The New Generation of Pay & Display
Pay & Display - an overview;
Pay & Display has long been a staple of an efficiently managed car park. It has been used extensively throughout the public & private sector in various locations such as, on-street, hospitals, airports, leisure facilities & licensed premises.
In the modern world it is increasingly important for technology to be simple and easy to use whilst ensuring that data security and accuracy remains of paramount importance.
We have developed an intuitve system to respond to the demands of the modern car park.
Developed with customers in mind our system is at the cutting edge of technological development.  We ensure that our systems are"future proofed" whilst remaining versatile enough to be fully adaptable to our customers need.
Our simple technology with its large keypad and visual display make this system easy to use even for customers with visual or physical impairments.
This system is fully autonomous and be used on it's own or in conjunction with our ANPR technology thus providing a comprehensive efficient solution.
The key benefits of this system are:-