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The Requirement

Increasingly, both major retailers and private car park owners are reporting that their car parks are being abused by people who regularly park their vehicles for extended periods of time and these "visitors" are not visiting the companies who own/use the car parks. In addition, at sites such as airports, hospitals and residential development sites it is even more important that space is managed effectively whilst remaining versatile enough to accommodate the many different needs of the car park user.

This car park abuse results in either limited or no vehicle spaces being available for “genuine” customers and in turn leads to loss of revenue / profits for the retailers. In addition, for many years car park management was carried out by a parking attendant whose job it was to manually log the details of vehicles on site. This has proven costly and highly ineffective. A solution was required to eliminate the cost of the parking attendant and to free up more spaces for genuine customers whilst ensuring consistency and accuracy.

The Solution

We have developed an innovate ANPR system, SmartPark ANPR for bespoke car park management; we are now one of the largest operators of such systems. We own, install and maintain the systems nationwide and all administration is carried out in house by our Staff. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and a member of the British Parking Association - Approved Operator Scheme.


 Proposed Monitoring and Enforcement Method

The System monitors the entire site and identifies vehicles that appear to be “non authorised” and issues a warning letter or a Parking Tariff Notice to offenders, depending on client requirements. This is achieved using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology and a custom built software suite.

How The System Works

Cameras are installed at the entrance and exit of the car park and automatically log the number plate of vehicles on entry and exit. This information is then analysed to identify vehicles that have remained on site for longer than the permitted duration. In this case a report is then compiled with images of the ‘violator vehicles’ which is then manually checked before the DVLA is contacted (via a secure link) for details of the registered keeper. Once these details are obtained a Parking Tariff Notice is then sent in the post.



We provide a nationwide installation & project management team. Each site installation is carried out by skilled and trained installers usually during normal working hours with minimal disruption. Installation is usually completed within two days.

Customer Focused

The system incorporates a number of features all of which are customer focused and can be implemented according to client requirements:-


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